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1836 Box Car Unpainted Ready to Run $1500.00

2.5" scale whistle machined from Baldwin drawings for the 8-18C (Eureka and Sonoma) $350.00

Snifter Valves 3/8-24 threads

$160 a pair

New Oak Pilot Beam for American $40.00

American or 1" scale Throttle fully machined $150

Handrail Stanchions - exact replica of CP Jupiter  $53.13/ea (stanchion and nut)

2.5" Scale Baldwin 8-18C Throttle Quadrant $145/ea.


Cab kits starting at $350.00 (American)

Completed/Finished, Custom or Stock cabs available.  Call for quote.

New Crab Axle Pump 

Fully machined $350.00

Full set of drawings available

Tender Water Valve Handles  $20/ea.

Our coal has 11,400 BTU/Lb.  Ash content is 8%.  Great stuff and burns hot.